UC Summer Abroad in the Arts

Header Image, UC Summer Abroad in the Arts

UC Davis

China, Global Fashion

Explore fashion design and global textile production while based in the Yangtze Delta Area – the birthplace of silk and the hub of modern fashion and material culture in China.

France, Sex and Space 

Explore the relationship between architecture and sexuality in the context of European modernism.

France, Fashion Marketing in Paris

A defining experience for anyone interested in fashion and marketing.

France, Switzerland, World Cinema and the European Film Festival

Attend an entire A-level film festival in the Italian-Swiss Lake region, with two-weeks of preparatory film studies in Cannes, France.

UK, Netherlands, Design in Europe

Journey through two European countries famous for their trend setting historical and contemporary art, architecture and design.

UC Los Angeles 

Spain, The Story of a City, Its Art and Cultures

Study in depth the Barcelona of today, its cultural dynamism, its place in today’s Spain, and in the heart of Catalan culture.

United Kingdom, International Edinburgh Festival 

The world’s biggest cultural celebration will allow students to study the ways in which stories move between times, places, and tools/media.

UC Riverside

Germany, Everyday events: the practice of making, the practice of showing

This unique course is specifically designed to be developed in Berlin. A city like Berlin offers a vibrant cultural and historical environment that will be used as a backdrop to develop the participants’ awareness of the organic relationship between art and everyday life, and that of performance as a final step resulting from these experiences.

UC San Diego

France, Jazz in Paris

Spend the summer learning how Jazz developed and why it was so enthusiastically received by the Parisians in the 1920s.

Greece, Theatrical Design in Ancient and Modern Greece

Explore the inspiring city of Athens from a designers’ perspective. The course will focus on production design for stage and film including a look at how visual ideas for a story are processed and interpreted.

UC Santa Cruz

Spain, Serigraphy in Spain

Students will advance their technical knowledge and creative skills in the state-of-the-art equipped print media studios of the Faculty of Fine Arts Cuenca, University of Castilla La Mancha while socializing in a cross-cultural, art educational community.

Japan, Moku Hanga: UCSC Printmaking in Tokyo

At Tokyo National University of the Arts, students will be able to study the treasured historical skills and tools of Moku Hanga with greater understanding and appreciation.

Czech Republic, Art in the Global Context

In this immersive studio art class, students create sculptures, drawings, performances and installations that explore art in a global context.

Italy, Film History and Preservation in Italy

Study in Bologna, Italy, while attending the Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival.