UC Summer Abroad in Business and Economics

Header Image, UC Summer Abroad in the Business and Economics

UC Berkeley

India, Mumbai - Internship

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Mumbai, India. 

Japan, Tokyo - Internship

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Tokyo, Japan.

Switzerland, Business Innovation for Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Positive Impact

Examine the drivers of business innovation, while exploring issues of sustainability, labor, stakeholder responsibility and impact from a business perspective, and assessing those same issues from the NGO and governmental perspective.

UC Davis

Czech Republic, Business & Communication - Internship

Intern in the dynamic economic center of the Czech Republic. Prague, situated in the center of Europe, is renowned for its architectural beauty, fascinating history, and vibrant social scene and night life.

Hong Kong, Business and Communication - Internship

Intern in one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world, where English is the language of business. Internships are available in a variety of companies ranging from small start-ups to large, global corporations.

Japan, Business & Communication - Internship

Intern in Japan’s vibrant and bustling capital, where traditional blends with ultramodern. As a global leader in technological advancements and the world’s most populous metropolis, Tokyo is a great setting for business internships.

New Zealand, Business and Communication - Internship

Intern in Auckland or Wellington in a variety of business-related fields, while exploring New Zealand’s stunning landscapes and natural beauty. 

United Kingdom, Perspectives in Global Management

Study global management perspectives in historic Edinburgh.

UC Los Angeles

Spain, International Business Law and Taxation

Gain an in-depth understanding of international business from the legal and tax perspectives. 

China, Business Leadership and Communication

Experience global business first-hand as you meet local business leaders, visit key cultural and business sights, learn from professors with extensive regional knowledge, and immerse yourself in the economic giant of Hong Kong.

China, Consequences of the New Market Economy

Aimed at enabling students to learn about and research globalization from a Shanghai-ese perspective, this intensive program will be a rich, fun, and transformative experience.

UC Riverside

Norway, International Marketing

Identify the interaction between international marketing and the cultural factors of target countries while studying in Norway.

South Africa, Anthropology of Africa

Examine global Africa by looking at ways in which Africa is shaping (and being shaped by) the world historically and currently.

United Kingdom, Startup Bootcamp: Software with an International Perspective

Learn how to build maintainable and extensible software using industry standard techniques and how to build a business around that software.

UC San Diego

Ireland, Ireland's Silicon Valley 

Examine one of Europe’s early identified tech hubs and discover how Dublin, Ireland continues to respond to the demands and opportunities of doing business in the 21st century.