UC Summer Abroad in Humanities and Culture

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UC Berkeley

Czech Republic, Prague - Internship

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Prague, Czech Republic.

France, Paris - Internship

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Paris, France.

Philippines, Narratives of Tradition and Resistance

Learn about Philippine history, culture, and society through interactions with Filipino people, as well as selected lectures by leading scholars in the Philippines.

Spain, Imagining and Re-Envisioning the Urban Setting

Broaden your architecture experience by stepping into a town where culture, food, ritual, and environment significantly impact urban design.

United Kingdom, Shakespeare and the Arts in London

Experience the cultural heart of London, from Renaissance art to Shakespeare plays.

UC Davis

Austria, Crossroads of Central Europe 

From the Renaissance to the United Nations, experience life and history in one of Europe’s grand imperial capitals.

China, Global Fashion 

Explore fashion design and global textile production while based in the Yangtze Delta Area – the birthplace of silk and the hub of modern fashion and material culture in China.

Cuba, Revolutionary Cuba

Experience the historic and ever-changing city of Havana and examine Cuba's revolutionary tradition on a multi-city trip across the island.

Ecuador, Environmental Justice in Indigenous Ecuador

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with multiple indigenous groups and see parts of Ecuador that are not available to traditional tourists. 

France, Americans in Paris 

Walk in the footsteps of Jefferson, Twain, Hemingway, Stein and other Americans in Paris, while participating in one of the lower-cost programs in Europe. 

France, Sex and Space

Explore the relationship between architecture and sexuality in the context of European modernism.

Greece, Writing in Greece

Learn about Greece’s vibrant culture while traveling to many beautiful and historical sites.

Italy, Art, Culture, History in the Eternal City 

Visit Roman, Etruscan, and Greek ruins and discover why Rome is considered an outdoor museum. 

Thailand, Education - Internship

Spend five weeks as an intern in a traditional Thai temple school in Chiang Mai, a beloved destination in the north of Thailand, the “Land of the Smiles.”

United Kingdom, Oxford—Portal to Fantasy

Study in Oxford, the birthplace of modern fantasy: see what inspired Wonderland, Narnia and the Shire, float Ratty and Lyra's river, and walk the halls of Hogwarts. 

United Kingdom, Scottish Tales

Study the ghosts and hauntings of Edinburgh, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, cruise the Loch Ness, visit Glasgow and trek through the Highlands of Scotland.

USA, California, Immigrant and Refugee Health

Explore services for vulnerable communities in California’s Bay Area and Central Valley.

USA, Hawaii, Education - Internship

In the spirited Polynesian capital of Honolulu, spend five weeks interning as a teacher’s assistant in a local school while also being introduced to the island’s unique way of life (‘ao’ao).

France, Switzerland, World Cinema and the European Film Festival

Attend an entire A-level film festival in the Italian-Swiss Lake region, with two-weeks of preparatory film studies in Cannes, France.

Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Viking Visions

Explore the worlds of Thor, Odin, Freya, shieldmaidens, and more while studying the sagas, historical chronicles, and modern adaptations of old Viking myths in Iceland, Northern Germany, and Denmark.

Ireland, France, Spain, Celtic Connections

Experience Celtic culture through literature, culture, language, music, and politics.

UK, France, Italy, The Grand Tour

Broaden your literary, cultural, and artistic knowledge while traveling all around Europe.

UC Los Angeles

Argentina, Taking it to the Streets

Experience the full immersion in the rich cultural resources, vibrant social life and political activities of Buenos Aires. 

Denmark, In the Footsteps of Hans Christian Andersen

With the renowned author Hans Christian Andersen as our springboard, this Travel Study program in Denmark will take full advantage of field trips, walking tours and hands-on exploration of place and space. 

Greece, Ancient Greece

Explore ancient Greece through a combination of classical archaeological site visits, lectures, and the works of Homer, Plato, Sophocles, and Aristophanes. 

Italy, American Writers and Artists Abroad

Examine the experiences of some of the most important American writers and artists who spent time in Florence, the beautiful Tuscan city where the Italian Renaissance originated.

Mexico, Spanish in the Mexican Context

Study Spanish language or Mexican literature in a city lined with colonial mansions and participate in a number of cultural excursions to Mayan ruins, the Yucatecan cenotes, and protected wildlife reserves. 

Spain, The Story of a City, Its Art and Cultures

Study in depth the Barcelona of today, its cultural dynamism, its place in today’s Spain, and in the heart of Catalan culture.

United Kingdom, International Edinburgh Festival

The world’s biggest cultural celebration will allow students to study the ways in which stories move between times, places, and tools/media.

United Kingdom, London and the Age of Revolution

Gain an intimate knowledge of London, discovering, walking and mapping the psychogeography of the contemporary capital while recovering the hidden traces of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Austria, Germany, German Language and Culture Across Europe

Take courses in German art, culture, and history as you move from Vienna to Munich and on to Berlin.

UC Riverside

Cuba, Cuban Culture and Society

This class will bring together perspectives on the politics, relations, and values that influence contemporary Cuba and Cuban culture.

Italy, Rome: The Eternal City

This course offers a four-week introduction to the major monuments and sites of ancient Rome where students will see Rome through the centuries.

Japan, Thinking Abroad

Learn about modern Japanese thought while exploring Japan.

South Africa, Anthropology of Africa

Examine global Africa by looking at ways in which Africa is shaping (and being shaped by) the world historically and currently.

Spain, Spain Thru Time: Castles, Palaces and Religious Places

These are hands-on classes, where you will touch a Roman aqueduct, roam around a medieval city, and understand what a cathedral is from being inside and looking through its windows.

Vietnam, Vietnam Encounters

This course is tailored for summer travel-study in Hue, Vietnam. It uses the lens of “travel writing” to study the formation of Vietnamese culture from ancient roots in the Bronze Age to the buzzing present.

UC San Diego

Australia, The Environment and World History

Investigate how humans have interacted with the natural world and how this interaction has been influenced by such factors as class, race, and gender.

France, Jazz in Paris

Spend the summer learning how Jazz developed and why it was so enthusiastically received by the Parisians in the 1920s.

Germany, Race and the City in Berlin

Explore late 19th and 20th century history through extensive visits to Berlin's many museums and historical sites.

Greece, Theatrical Design in Ancient and Modern Greece

Explore the inspiring city of Athens from a designers’ perspective. The course will focus on production design for stage and film including a look at how visual ideas for a story are processed and interpreted.

Hong Kong, Globalization and Social Movements

Hong Kong’s location at the crossroads of global capitalism and transpacific cultures is an ideal location for students to study the histories of globalization and social movements.

Israel, Start Up Nation

Jerusalem, one of the most fascinating cities on earth, provides an ideal setting for students to gain an in-depth understanding of the complexities of Israel’s history, politics, religion, society and culture.

Italy, Revelle in Rome

Study the revival of classical culture and values and the place of human beings in the world, as we experience Rome and visit Florence.

Japan, Religion in Japan

Explore Kyoto’s numerous Zen temples which represent a fascinating example of how Zen Buddhism has played and continues to play a critical role in the formation of Japanese national modernity.

Spain, Spain in the Modern World

The location of Madrid, Spain will serve as an ideal site to introduce students to the process of building the modern nation-state, one of the key themes of both courses.

United Kingdom, Enlightenment, Revolution, and Romanticism

Often referred to as “the Athens of the North” because of its rich intellectual tradition in the arts, humanities, and sciences, Edinburgh is the second most visited city in the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom, Revelle in London

Both of the courses in this program are firmly and continually grounded in the historical experience of London. The city itself, and England more broadly speaking, will figure prominently in many of the assignments for both the Humanities course and the course on tourism.

UC Santa Cruz

Italy, Film History and Preservation in Italy

Study in Bologna, Italy, while attending the Il Cinema Ritrovato film festival.