UC Summer Abroad in Language Arts

Header Image, UC Summer Abroad in Language Arts

UC Berkeley

France, Paris - Internship

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Paris, France.

UC Davis

Iceland, Germany, Denmark, Viking Visions

Explore the worlds of Thor, Odin, Freya, shieldmaidens, and more while studying the sagas, historical chronicles, and modern adaptations of old Viking myths in Iceland, Northern Germany, and Denmark.

UC Los Angeles 

France, French Language and Culture 

This intensive French language and culture program will provide you the opportunity - and the tools - to live in Paris like the Parisians do.

Mexico, Spanish in the Mexican Context

Study Spanish language or Mexican literature in a city lined with colonial mansions and participate in a number of cultural excursions to Mayan ruins, the Yucatecan cenotes, and protected wildlife reserves. 

Spain, Spanish Language and Culture

Enjoy your summer in Spain while studying Spanish language and culture in the charming city of Granada.

UC Riverside

Japan, Thinking Abroad

Learn about modern Japanese thought while exploring Japan.

UC Santa Cruz

Italy, Accelerated Italian on the Amalfi Coast

Learn Italian while exploring the beautiful town of Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. Students will enroll in accelerated Italian, Italian 1A and Italian 1B, completing one year of university-level Italian in five weeks.