UC Summer Abroad in Math & Engineering

Header Image, UC Summer Abroad in Math & Engineering

UC Berkeley

Germany, Mathematics in Berlin

Journey to Berlin to discover the theory and practice of mathematical analysis while being immersed in the city where a lot of mathematics were initially discovered!

Canada, Engineering in Toronto - Internship

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in engineering in Toronto, Canada.

UC Davis

Australia, Engineering in Sydney - Internship

Spend the summer in beautiful Sydney as an engineering intern. Placements are customized according to students’ experiences, career goals, interests and skills, and are available at large and small companies in a variety of industries.

Iceland, Thermodynamics in the Land of Fire and Ice

What better way to study thermodynamics than in a country that is powered completely by geothermal and hydroelectric resources? From thundering waterfalls to towering volcanos and geothermal fields, you will experience Iceland in all its intrigue.

UC Riverside

United Kingdom, Startup Bootcamp: Software with an International Perspective

Learn how to build maintainable and extensible software using industry standard techniques and how to build a business around that software.

UC San Diego

Italy, Mathematical Beauty in Rome

Explore the mathematics and engineering behind Rome's greatest works of architecture.

United Kingdom, Random Walks

In this course we will develop the language of probability theory and its logical structure. We will use this language to study randomness and we will come to understand how order can emerge from randomness in certain and predictable ways.