UC Summer Abroad in the Sciences

UC Summer Abroad in the Sciences

UC Berkeley

Japan, Tokyo - Internship

Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Tokyo, Japan.

Peru, The Archaeology of the Incas 

Discover the ancient Incan Civilization in its former capital Cusco, Peru through first hand anthropological research and visits to historical Andean sites. and visits to historical Andean sites.

UC Davis

Australia, Agriculture and Veterinary Science - Internship

Intern in Sydney or Brisbane in a variety of areas in agriculture, agribusiness, zookeeping, wildlife rescue centers, veterinary hospital work, equine veterinary centers, and more.

Costa Rica, Ag Science & Sustainability - Internship

Intern in laboratories and research farms at Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE), an international institute supporting agricultural development and biological conservation throughout Central America and the Caribbean. Located in Turrialba in the heart of Costa Rica, a leader in the development of sustainable agriculture.

Czech Republic, Exercise and Wellness

Compare and contrast how the Czech people integrate exercise and physical activity into their daily lives as well as how exercise and sport sciences are taught at two leading Czech Universities.

France, Introduction to Winemaking 

Learn the basics of wine making while visiting many of the major French wine regions and accessing many elite wineries.

Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Sustainable Cities of Northern Europe

Learn why some European cities are way ahead of U.S. cities in sustainable development and design.

Ireland, BioSci 2A on the Emerald Isle

Take Biological Sciences 2A in beautiful Ireland at University College Cork.

Ireland, BioSci 2B in Dublin

Take Biological Sciences 2B in beautiful Ireland at University College Dublin.

Ireland, Psychology - Internship

Assist with a wide range of services to children and teenagers in disadvantaged areas; support the families of children with special needs and long term illness; gain hands-on skills by facilitating activities in Summer Youth Camps; or assist with a non-profit organization that provides support for individuals and families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Japan, Life Sciences

Explore aspects of life sciences in Japan such as active research labs, the world- famous Osaka aquarium, a yogurt fermentation factory, and much more. 

New Zealand, Psychology - Internship

Intern in New Zealand, a land of stunning natural beauty and a rich multicultural environment.

Romania, Neurobiology in Bucharest

Study NPB in the culturally rich and vibrant city of Bucharest. Broaden your intercultural experience meeting with local neuroscience students and faculty. 

Thailand, Microbiology Lab in the Kingdom of Smiles

Explore tropical jungles, pristine beaches, exotic markets, and the mega-city of Bangkok while getting hands-on microbiology laboratory experience.   

UK, Sweden, Genetics—The Global Language of Biology 

Study and experience the great genetic breakthroughs in this grand European tour of genetics: Cambridge and Stockholm.

UC Riverside

Namibia, Functional Ecology and Herpetology in Namibia

This is a combined field and lecture course that focuses on the biology of amphibians and "reptiles" by exploring their diversity, physiology, ecology, evolution, behavior, and biomechanics. There will be a focus on lizards, snakes, and amphibians of southern Africa, with an emphasis on Namibia.

United Kingdom, Startup Bootcamp: Software with an International Perspective

Learn how to build maintainable and extensible software using industry standard techniques and how to build a business around that software.

UC San Diego

Australia, Social Cognition and Drugs

Learn about and experience the ground breaking work of Australian neurobiologists as you visit scientific laboratories and explore museums throughout Sydney.

Iceland, Fire and Ice: Geology and Volcanology in Iceland

Students will watch geysers erupt, stand in the “gap” between continents along the mid-ocean ridge at Thingvellir, witness the aftermath of classic and globally-significant eruptions (Heimay, Eyjafjallajökull, Laki) and much, much more!

Italy, Psychopharmacology in Florence 

Visit the oldest pharmacy in the world (along with accompanying museum to describe the production of medicines in this period), several physiology museums, as well as numerous art galleries, several of which have displays related to medicine.

United Kingdom, The Origins of Mind 

Study in St Andrews, a town with a striking blend of ancient and modern and surrounds rich with history and natural beauty.

UC Santa Cruz

Cuba, Agroecology Practicum

Students develop their knowledge and skills of agroecology and ecological horticulture in Cuba.